Inxy Site & Feeds is the brand new solution for TGP and Tube site management.

Inxy Site & Feeds is the revolutionaly new content manage system for all types of content from classic FHG to self hosted flash galleries. Now you can launch multi-niche and multi-mediatype site easier than it has ever been before!


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13 Jule 2011. Inxy 1.08

Version 1.08 available:

  • Build names changed to sequential (1, 2, 3). If you have older build (YYYYMMDDHHMM) please update
  • New cache type "all"
  • Less resource consumption
  • New task manager. Now you can watch task elapsed time and consumpted resources
  • Some limitation for processes added. E.g. parser will not be started while database backup running
  • Better banners targeting (use category)
  • In INXY-feeds/content/banners added search by size, stream and category
  • Backup version check added
  • Date process in parser url added
  • Better redirects. Test redirect form added
  • Redirect capturing added. You can gather stat about referers was not redirected and assign keys for redirects using this stat
  • Trade script url parametrs ##URL##, ##URL_ENCODED## works for traffic sell too
  • New Tools/Script Health menu added

Basic features

  • PHP written
  • Use MySQL for data storage
  • United content database for all sites
  • SEO optimized
  • Multi-niches
  • Advanced rotation formula (CTR, Last clicks, Combined)
  • Self hosted video and picture galleries
  • Low server load. Advanced caching
  • Content sorting and browsing features (media-type, date, popularity, category, tags, pagination)
  • Customizable auto updates for every site
  • Automatic updates with the sponsor provided RSS feeds and custom content grabbers
  • Dedicated server for static content storage
  • Flexible site configuration
  • Easy install and upgrade
  • ICQ support

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Standart version - 1% of clicks